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July 27, 2022

Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience (2022-07-27)Anabel Conde (Spain 1995) Interview and Eurovision 2022 Flashback - PED 2022 Cure Dose11

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Post Eurovision Depression Cure (Dose 11) - Interviews and clips with the Eurovision Stars 2022 in Turin

  • Interview with Subwoolfer (Norway 2022)
  • Interview with Michael Ben David (Israel 2022)
  • Interview with Mia Dimcic (Croatia 2022)
  • Interview with The Rasmus (Finland 2022)
  • Interview with Anabel Conde (Spain 1995)
  • Eurovision Cover Spot and The Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Spotlight: Eurovision Double Three with Eurovision Lordship Marcus Keppel-Palmer
  • Eurovision Spotlight Special with Nick van Lith from
  • Your music requests
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision Artists


Anabel Conde (Spain 1995)
(picture taken at the Madrid Eurovision Pre-Party 2022)



Interview with Anabel Conde (Spain 1995):  Back in 1995 Spain was represented by Anabel Conde with the song "Vuelve conmigo" which reached second place at the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 which was won by Norway's Secret Garden and the song "Nocturne". At the recent edition of the Madrid Eurovision Pre-Party in April 2022 Anabel was one of the invited guests of honour to perform her song once more in front of the national and international Eurovision Fans. JP from Radio International had the pleasure to chat with the singer at the Red Carpet Event. Listen to this interview on the show this week.


Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra winning Eurovision 2022

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - Post Eurovision Depression (PED) Cure: Dose 11 of the PED Cure is on the way with Dr. JP and his nurses. After two Semi Finals and an amazing Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 huge CONGRATULATIONS goes to the Kalush Orchestra for winning the 66th Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Stefania" receiving the highest public vote ever in the history of the contest. Below is the Scoreboard.

The website of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 can be viewed here and the also over on Wikipedia

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Scoreboard



During the next few weeks Radio International will be your Ultimate Post Eurovision Depression  (PED) Cure broadcasting interviews the Radio International Team did in Turin during the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and of course play your favourite songs from the contest. Listen to Interviews, Turkoise Carpet Clips from the Opening Reception, Press Conferences Clips with Mia Dimcic (Croatia 2022), Subwoolfer (Norway 2022), Michael Ben David (Israel 2022) and The Rasmus (Finland 2022) - looking back at two weeks of our beloved Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy.

The Radio International Interview Hall of Fame:


This is the Hall of Fame: Dana, Charlotte Perrelli, Linda Martin, Niamh Kavanagh, Katrina of Katrina and the Waves, Charlie McGettigan, Emmelie de Forest, Scott Fitzgerald, Eldar of Ell and Nikki, Sanna Nielsen, Hera Björk, Bojana Stamenov, Lina Hedlund and Andreas Lundstedt from Alcazar, Poli Genova, Ira Losco, Jan Johansen Nicki French, Debbie Scerri, Rasmussen, Senhit, Rainer from Wind, Jalisse, Maja Keuc (Amaya),Thomas Forstner, Lisa Andreas, Esther Hart, Vanilla Ninja, Maja Keuc (Amaya), Sibel Tüzün, Sidsel Ben Semmane, Monika Linkyte, Intelligent Music Project (Bulgaria 2022), Mia Dimsic (Croatia 2022), Andrea (North Macedonia 2022), Brooke Scullion (Ireland 2022), Citi Zeni (Latvia 2022), Ochman (Poland 2022), Anna Bergendahl, The Roop, Bilal of NorthKid, Cyan Kicks, Justs, James Newman, Serhat, Vanessa Amarosi, Lesley Roy, Brooke, Franklin, Martina Majerle of Quartissimo, Miriam Christine, Claudia Faniello, Fabrizio Faniello, Chanel, Jordan Ravi, Viorela Moraru, Mia Negovetic, Parvani Violet Vasil, Janice Mangion, Mariette, KEiiNO, Anett Kublin (Anett and Fredi), Tess Merkel, Glen Vella, Anton Ewald, Katrina Dimanta formerly of Aarzemnieki, ManuElla, Tusse, Blind Channel, Danny Saucedo, Jendrik, Tornike Kipiani, GO_A, Kurt Calleja, Rafał Brzozowski, Barbara Pravi, Fyr og Flamme, almost all artists from the Eurovision 2021 and 2022 class.

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